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sports dressA sports dress has to be many things to many people for all the things it does. Find top quality athletic wear for women from top manufacturers in colorful prints.

It must allow for ease of movement. Any clothing worn in a competitive environment must be an asset rather than a hinderance. Sometimes the right apparel can even affect safety, such as using an absorbent fabric for swimming.

Todays female tennis players have become celebrities and their sports dresses grace the cover of both fashion magazines and sports news.

A poor fit or poor design can make the difference between winning and losing.

A sports dress must allow for the wearer to moderate body heat, wicking perspiration away and allowing cooling air to reach the skin.

A sports dress must allow for modesty. It must support, lift and cover in all the right places and in all the right ways.

Todays modern sports dress often comes not in cotton as might commonly be thought, but in re-branded or re-named versions of polyester or other synthetic microfibers.

These modern wonders have little to do with artificial fibers of the past, and are often rebranded to avoid stigma. They are comforable, breathe well, and despite the thread itself being nonabsorbent, they pull moisture away from the body effeciently. The thread may not absorb water, but the spaces between the microscopic fibers do so quite well!

Early dresses for sports were simple white on white, thought to cool the body by reflecting more sunlight. While that is true to a minor degree, more comfort is obtained through motion and air conduction.

A sports dress must, above all else, look fantastic. Happy, comfortable, healthy and engaged are all thing that can be said about a woman in the right athletic apparel.

Todays definition of sports apparel and dresses includes activewear and leisurewear. Something to wear both on and off the field of competition. An atheletic physique is nice, and even better to be shown off.

We offer a full line of the more ‘leisure’ side of athletic apparel at our online sundress store (please see link). The dresses are sent direct from the manufacturer, come with a money back guarantee and are the newest designs. Some limitations apply.

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